Saturday, May 30, 2009

Catfish And Collards!


I don't think I could have imagined a more perfect day. The "boat" was fired up and we set sail for the back roads of Coweta County. My only goal-to see if I could score some bulk sausage from Williams Sausage in Haralson, Georgia. SCORE!!

Our second goal-to stop in a little roadside cafe passed on the way to Williams Sausage for a little BBQ, which goes so well with fresh air and sunshine.

Upon seeing their extensive menu I immediately switched to fried catfish, mac and cheese, fresh collards and a wonderful afternoon with Uncle C and daughter! We swapped family secrets for great BBQ, talked about our childhoods in the south and reminisced about happy days spent in Germany-exploring food and great beer!

It was a delightful afternoon spent in the company of friendly, attentive owners with great Southern food. The catfish was moist and crispy, mac and cheese (cheesy) and cornbread fit for the finest buttermilk! And their were hushpuppies-to boot!

Uncle C shared a jar of homemade fresh fig preserves and promised to hook me up with all the figs I could can! I took him seriously-stopping at Crook's in Senoia to pick up canning jars!

Oh, and we scored "mini-Moon Pies" at the gas station! And hoop cheese!

Uncle C's Bar-B-Que
173 Hwy 85 Haralson, GA

Open 7 Days A Week

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