Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Afternoon Pause


I can so easily get off track when I clean and play in the kitchen! Today was no exception, I rearranged my baking cupboard which I will share with you in another post I gathered all my baking supplies in one central location, moved out all my cookbooks and now I'm struggling to find a new location. I want to install a new cupboard outside my walk-in pantry to house all my cookbooks. I envision a piece of granite on top so that I can grow herbs in this perfectly sunny location. Maybe for Christmas!

I also blended ten pounds of my Robust Morning Blend! I'm shipping samples out to friends in two states and ground a fresh batch for my morning coffee. It's almost as good as a trip to my friend's market in Tuscany. I love the Sandee Bar Gold Moka Espresso and have it blended as soon as I arrive in San Guistino Valdarno. Usually I send back nine or ten kilos but after ten years of carefully selecting and blending fresh roasted beans I now have a truly authentic cup of a European coffee!

To learn more about my custom-blended coffees please visit my website @ Home At Last! I have $2 sample bags available and can usually have them out within days!
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