Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Long Day!


Two more shots I have to share! This is really intended for a new "blogger" friend, Doggybloggy, who is really like a male version of myself. We share the same rythym about food and I suspect we like a lot of the same foods. Plus, his blog is an interesting read!

Now, a couple days ago Doggybloggy had company and couldn't blog so he was "splaining" his situation. Instead of his usual blog about food with pictures- he wrote instead about his favorite tools and gadgets, he mentioned his impressive cookbook collection-a passion a lot of us foodies share! And, since I was in the midst of trying to relocate my own collection, I stumbled upon a favorite cookbook-one that I'm sure Doggybloggy doesn't have!

This arrived in my mail one day-a fun find from my dear friend Char! Inside handwritten apologies-she said she just couldn't resist!

Doggiebloggy. . .you can borrow it! Anytime!

On a final note, we shot four hours with Panera Bread, my new sponsor on Home At Last! The shots were pretty and we got our ad! Yeah.
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