Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Cat Is Away . . .


O.K., so I have leftover brown rice, a tin of roasted eel and musago! Table for one, please!

On a recent trip to H-Mart I could see a crowd gathering around a cooking demonstration and made my way over to see what was cooking. As I approached the kiosk a woman was turning out the sheerest pieces of seasoned seaweed sheets with the help of a large conveyor belt and oven. Fascinated, my eyes were glued to the belt as it roasted and dried the seaweed. Still warm, the crowd was offered delicate, melt-in-you-mouth sheets of bliss.

Of course, I bought a package for home and tucked it neatly away in the Asian section of my pantry. Wondering what I would make myself for dinner tonight I remembered that Ron had suggested sushi! I had all the ingredients on hand, including eel and a free night to myself.

I question that the intended purpose of these delicate sheets is sushi-I thought possibly it might be intended for seaweed soup or some other tasty delicacy.

But still wanting to experience the delicate nature of the sheets I opted for roasted eel and musago sushi bites. The sheets were tough to roll but after cutting the pieces I wrapped a ribbon of seaweed around the bites and they held together long enough to be enjoyed!

The bites included roasted eel, seaweed salad, musago, brown rice and a small amount of cream cheese and black and white sesame!
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