Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chicken And Dumplings!


Ron and I are both enjoying the extra hours that have been added to each of our days since dismantling PM Channel 10, our cable television channel we operated for over twelve years.

I am enjoying being back in the kitchen, responsible for our daily meals and the challenge of creating our favorite family and childhood favorites.

We wasted a lot of money eating out. Not only are we enjoying our food more, we're saving money and I now control the amount of fat, sugar and preservatives being used in our food-not to mention the benefit of much smaller portions!

"In the good ole days" food was a enjoyable part of the day but not always the main focus. I played and studied hard and was always more interested in being outside with my friends than eating!

My mother created balanced meals that always included some type of salad, fresh vegetables and unsweetened tea!

Growing up a military brat, my father would sometimes be away on a TDY assignments. My mother would alternate asking us what we wanted her to fix for dinner. Whenever it was my turn-my answer was always the same. . . Chicken and Dumplings.

Memories and a great meal for pennies!
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