Friday, August 28, 2009

Stuck On You!

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Besides hoarding beautiful dishes and serveware, I might be a little bit "hoard-ish" of pretty paper. I have a chest of drawers that is filled with some of my favorite scraps.

Martha Stewart sent me a boxful of beautiful paper, rubber stamps and ink after a Lupus Fundraiser back in 1996. After reading an Atlanta Journal article where I was quoted as "wanting to be Martha" when I grew up, I was invited to host Martha at the luncheon and return her safely to Hartsfield Airport after the event wrapped up.

I used some of her beautiful papers to wrap gifts for my friend, Char, before she passed away. She loved beautiful packages!

These magnets that I made for my office represent a gift from Japan and wedding flowers from the pages of an annual wedding book.

The blue-checked paper was in a gift box from Tokyo,Japan. A lovely family stayed at our B&B for a week before the marriage of their daughter to a young Newnan man. They shared a few of their pre-nuptial traditions and guided me through the making of sweet red beans and their tradition of taking tea.

My gift box was filled with fabulous graphic papers and an instruction book on the art of origami. After ten years I thought it would be appropriate to turn it into something more lasting where I could enjoy it every day.

The pretty floral magnet is from the glossy pages of an annual wedding book and represents a set of four I made from the beautiful wedding bouquets presented in the book.
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