Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Favorite Aprons


I was inspired today by an artist friend's blog about her apron-making talent. She designed a pretty retro-style apron and suddenly I was up running for one of my new acquisitions.

I started "my collection" the first year of Home At Last! I still have all my old aprons and have many favorites including . . . a very small delicate apron that belonged to my grandmother.

One of my newest favorites is the one featured in these photos, from Harrod's Department Store. It's laminated and easy to clean. Perfect for baking and BBQ-ing! I picked this up in London after sailing across the Atlanta on the Queen Mary en route to Tuscany! Talk about a relaxing vacation. . .

Six luxurious days aboard a very elegant ship bound for the other side of the big pond. Sigh . . .how I miss our early evenings in the Queen's lounge, sipping cosmos on a buttery leather chesterfield sofa . . .mesmerized by the large, dark gray-green waves lapping up against our ship.

Sunny afternoons were enjoyed at the bow of the ship in one of our favorite spots-the ship's library. I enjoyed every English decorating magazine I could lay my hands on, checked emails, and read a thriller from a favorite author.

Late evenings we developed an extravagant habit with room service. Asking for two simple bowls of ice-cream, each night our attendants added more flavors, more embellishments and bigger grins. I wondered if there were bets placed back in the kitchen . . ."let's see if they can eat this?"
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