Monday, August 31, 2009

Easy Meatballs with Mushroom Sauce

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I have long since stopped expecting an answer when I ask Ron what he would like for dinner - but to my surprise(!) tonight he suggested he would like some meatballs.

I had ground beef on hand, homemade bread crumbs, fresh parsley, dried sage and dried black and shitake mushrooms.  I combined the meat, fresh herbs, bread crumbs, anchovy paste, lemon and garlic; gently pan-fried the meatballs in olive oil and removed them to paper towels while I made a quick sauce.

To make a rich gravy, I soaked the dried mushrooms for a half-hour-until a dark, robust flavor and color developed in the warm water.  A half cup of the mushroom water was blended into 2 tablespoons of the reserved olive oil.  I whisked together 1/8 cup warm water with 2 tablespoons of Bisto (Beef) and added it to the mushroom water.  I eventually added the soaked mushrooms in the final stage of cooking.

A little red wine, a teaspoon of espresso powder, a pinch of salt and, finally, I added the cooked meatballs back to the sauce.  Everything simmered for ten minutes and was spooned on top of freshly cooked short grain rice.
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