Friday, August 7, 2009

One Final Step


My Fig Conserve has passed it's final taste test. I usually cool a portion down-sample it and adjust the flavors that aren't in balance. I love my job.

I used a creamy German Butterkase and place a "smallish" dollop on the cheese. Some cooks might not adjust their preserves and conserves but I think there is a benefit to taking the extra time to conduct a taste test before placing the conserve into sterilized jars.

A found I needed a couple of adjustments. 1. I added a pinch more salt! A little salt balances the delicate sweetness of the sugary figs. 2. I added an additional amount of citric acid from fig balsamic. For my tastes, it adds a richness that isn't developed with plain lemon or lime juice.

Now, I'm waiting on pecans-which we'll be added just before I seal my jars.
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