Friday, August 21, 2009

" A Place In The Sun" TV Britian's Channel 4

I received an email about TV show, "A Place In The Sun" and a companion venue, OverSeas Buying Exhibition at the NEC-Birmingham. The exhibition will showcase properties for sale through-out Europe, as well as answer questions about living abroad!

Unfortunatly I can't attend but it definitely sparked some favorite travel memories. I blogged a little about our Birmingham, England trip earlier this spring after stumbling upon on a beautiful costume bracelet scored at the Rag Market held on weekends in Birmingham.

I relunctantly sampled my first kidney pie, loved English bacon and particularly enjoyed the local pubs including Mad O'Rourkes, famous for its "Desperate Dan Cow Pies", complete with horns!

There were so many wonderful surprises in Birmingham, famous for it's "metal" bands of the 80's - including Black Sabbath and Judas Priest.

Totally unfamiliar with Birmingham, the sight of colorful handpainted canal boats drifting along the 174 miles of canals . . more than Venice, Italy, came as a pleasant shock.

Victoria Square, the beautiful pedestrian town centre offered surprises on every corner. I visited my first Cadbury Store, enjoyed tea at Victoria Tea Room, and shopped some of the beautiful antique stores. One in particular caught my eye and demanded a visit. The owner was an American-originally from Maine, I believe. She was friendly and eager to discuss the U.S.! It was a pleasant visit and soon we were introduced to her husband, Ian, a pony-tailed, well-dressed Englishman.

Our conversation was lively as we all swapped travel stories. I eventually asked Ian about his profession . . .and he very properly replied, I'm with Judas Priest! Ian Hill of Judas Priest. It proves one thing. . .the co-founder and bass player of "British Steel" fame occasionally steps out of his leather and looks good!

Judas Priest has reunited for a world tour and is currently headed for the U.S. If you grew up on Mtv like I did and are looking to revisit your metal days check out their world tour schedule at

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