Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Going Green!


Maybe a wee bit overused by the media these days, a lot of us are still unclear as to what this really means. I'm pretty sure the answer will vary depending on who you ask.

Eager to make a few changes in my own household my first course of action is getting away from bottled water (plastic)to filtered tap water. I am tired of all the expense, waste and impact on the landfills.

With cancer impacting all of our families and my concern over the health of my pets growing, I question the consumption of foods and drinks in plastic. Who knows how this will bear out in studies, but little changes make me feel better.

Ten years studies take . . . well, ten years! Sadly, I just read the results of one study that bore out some of my concerns. If for no other reason I would love to reduce the amount of garbage that my household generates.

And while I'm certain that plastic will remain a part of my life-as evidenced by my veggie keeper (that I love) I still look for ways to conserve resources, reduce waste and find healthier eco-friendly alternatives.
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