Friday, August 7, 2009

Fig Conserve


I don't like to go begging but there are times when I have to put my pride aside. I decided to beg anyone and everyone I know for figs and tomatoes.

Usually I grow my own tomatoes and herbs but this year's house renovations haven't left me with much spare time. Walking by my pathetic little patch of dirt I am ashamed of my insincere promises to return with seeds. Deep down, I knew I wouldn't be back.

In desperation I put the call out for figs and tomatoes.

Yesterday, my flavorful sweet, local figs arrived-thanks to friends that heard my plea! As I type the conserve is cooling on the stove top. Soon I will delicately open the figs and place them in my glass jars.

We use Fig Conserve for my homemade bread or an family recipe for delicate biscuits. One of our favorite hor d'oerves is a sliver of rich triple cream brie topped with a small dollop of figs. We serve it with golden crustini drizzled with exta virgin olive oil and pan fried until crunchy.
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