Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pan-Fried Chicken With Risotto

Just a little hint of coolness in the air and I am transported to one of our favorite Tuscan villages, Terranouva.

We have traveled to Tuscany several times in early fall to catch a great airfare deal but it has become one of our favorite times to visit Italy.

There are all sorts of festivals, including Perugia's chocolate festival- positioned between ancient buildings, fabulous museums and, oh yeah. . .lots and lots of chocolate-the only other place I remember anyone ever shoving chocolate at me was in my dreams!

I didn't start the blog to ramble on about chocolate . . . I intended to share this ingenious Knorr product

from the IPER store-Porcini-flavored cubes. I found them last night tucked away in the back of one of my cupboards. I made a pan-fried version of the Pollo Al Mattone and served a delicious risotto with porcini and field greens. It was authentically Tuscan.

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