Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nancy Mills of The Spirited Woman

Join other passionate spirited women. Feel the synergy.

Nancy Mills of The Spirited Woman - will conduct a one hour FREE teleseminar on Wednesday, September 2, 5pm (PST), 8pm (EST)

"Creative Ways to Think Outside the Marketing Box:
 To Get More Exposure & Visibility For Who You Are  What You Do. Yes!"

You'll learn on the 1-hr. call:  
- My top 5 insider secrets on creative marketing
- Marketing passionately versus not
- Why if you snooze creatively, you lose financially
- Why it is so important to creatively think outside of the box to survive (emotionally, financially) 
- The importance of aligning yourself with co-creators (think: people, companies, sponsors)
- How women are on the cusp of change & destined to change the world

TO REGISTER NOW. E-MAIL NancyMills@thespiritedwoman.com

The Spirited Woman is a leading, rapidly expanding women's online empowerment community.

All about creative fun and positive news for inspired women - the site features the popular Spirited Woman Blogger Team, tele-chats with famous women authors, interviews with extraordinary women, and is chock full of information.

The founder/publisher, Nancy Mills, is known for her innovative, out-of-the-box marketing approach and her belief that every woman is enough as she is!

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