Sunday, August 9, 2009



As the weekend comes to a close, my cracker-making experiment has left me with a couple of observations.

1. I didn't need fancy tools to make delicious crackers.

2. I'm a really messy cook!

3. Practice makes perfect.

Today's cracker making was easier than yesterday. I even developed a few of my own little tricks along the way.
I found hand rolling with a wooden rolling pin to be just as easy as the pasta maker and more fun! I prefer the
irregular shapes over the rectangles.

I also found the pin was useful when I wanted to press the cheese and spice mixture into the dough. My only thought with that . . .make sure you keep the rolling pin well-floured.

I tried my own bread recipe for the dough, today. The Armenian recipe called for as much whole wheat as white. I chose my recipe because it has five flours including white whole wheat and semolina. We agreed it had a lot more flavor.

I also am able to split the recipe for bread or pizza dough. I even had time to mix up (2)5 cup bags of pre-mixed
flours so that the next time we want fresh bread, I just have to pour my flour into the bread machine and add the
wet ingredients.
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